SEASONAL TOPIC | Monsoon Season

Monsoon season starts on June 15th and ends in mid-September. It is this wind of the monsoon storms that cause the most damage to trees in Arizona, resulting in their removal. When heavy rain occurs, a tree may be even more susceptible to heavy winds, because, in soil that is over-flooded with water, even a tree with healthy roots, has a weaker hold. Even one’s best efforts cannot prepare a tree to withstand the fiercest of winds accompanying monsoon storms. However, there is a lot of preparation you can and should do to greatly diminish damage to your property.

Proper preventative tree pruning in the spring or early summer can help prevent damage from monsoons and storms. A proper tree-thinning is also important in storm-proofing your trees so that they are able to withstand the wind from such storms. DBL is here to offer solutions so that you can avoid storm damage to your property.




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