Our master gardener, Laurie Williams, is offering up some Pro Tips on keeping your plants happy and thriving in the August heat.
Because it is so hot, your plants may be experiencing stress, making it a great time to fertilize them.

If your plants appear healthy and have no pest or disease problems, no fertilizer is needed.
Some native and desert plants in urban areas may need supplementation due to soil depletion and compaction from activities that negatively affect the soil.

Non-native and non-adapted plants, as well as medium to high water-use plants will need supplemental fertilization on a regular basis.

Though landscaping in August may seem difficult, it’s the perfect time of year for heat- seeking plants to thrive. There are many varieties that do well in Arizona, such as Bougainvillea, Mexican Honeysuckle, Gold Mound Lantana, Trailing Sunrise Emu, Barrel Cactus and Wedellia. These varieties will also bring butterflies and hummingbirds to your property!

Together we can keep your plants healthy this summer and continue to enhance your property and make sure it continues to look great!



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