Winter can wreak havoc on lawns, so make sure the appropriate fertilizers and chemicals are used on your turf to prepare for those cold months.

Overseeded Turf Fertility:

–          With cold temperatures in the winter months, overseeded turf gets its best nutrient uptake from nitrate loaded fertilizers, and incorporating use of iron to add color to the turf.

–          Since we are usually 6-8 weeks beyond overseeding for most turf areas, we can apply post-emergent herbicides to treat winter weeds like clover and swinecress.  Winter pre-emergents on overseeded turf are being applied between Thanksgiving and Christmas to control poa annua emergence as we head into the spring months.

Non-Overseeded Turf:

–            With Bermuda turf being in almost complete dormancy during the winter months, it is ideal to eradicate winter weeds like clover, swinecress, and poa annua.  Planning can take place for pre-emergent applications starting in February to control weeds heading into the spring that will compete with Bermuda development as it wakes up from dormancy.


Thank you to Paul Goolsby of Helena for these landscaping tips!



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