Aric Budden


Aric Budden


Aric’s career in landscaping began when he was in middle school, working summers as a laborer to earn some spending money. He continued to work all throughout high school and joined a large landscaping firm out of high school. Once in the industry, Aric took on every position he could in order to learn as much as possible. The lessons he learned while on the job for 8 years put him in an ideal place to manage and run his own landscaping company. It’s the only job he’s ever known and in 2006, Aric launched DBL and the company has become the perfect vehicle for him to exercise his curiosity about the field and employ the knowledge he has learned through his years of experience.

Aric brings a hands-on, real-world experience to the team and the inclination to push limits and question everything. Aric holds a healthy respect for the fundamentals of the business, while also willing to explore new strategies and techniques. He constantly preaches “back to basics” while simultaneously questioning industry norms and finding areas that can be improved, optimized, or in some cases, totally reinvented.

His goal for DBL is that each and every one of the team members lives the companies’ core values in all situations, along with thinking and acting towards the companies’ passion, which is to be “A Place Where People Grow.” He would love to see everyone in the organization in sync and in agreement around the reason we do this in the first place.

Outside of work, Aric loves to travel and experience new things. He admits he enjoys driving a motorcycle a little too fast without a helmet and he enjoys keeping his mind sharp by learning about philosophy and the study of the mind.