Chris LaBelle


Chris LaBelle

Account Manager

Chris started his work in landscaping back in 2008 and has steadily climbed the ladder to his current position. He has worked in maintenance, labor and pest control before becoming supervisor, superintendent, general manager and now account manager. He strives to keep learning and provide the best experience for his clients.

With more than a decade of experience, Chris understands the mind of a labor worker and a client’s needs. He has great communication skills that help him develop a connection with clients in order to understand them and their needs. He has been in a position where he had no power to help a client, to now¬†being able to call the shots. Chris would like to see DBL grow and maintain positive relationships with every client he can.

Chris is a family man, with a wife and four children. While it is a bit difficult to take time for himself, Chris loves taking time to explore new hobbies with his children. He enjoys the outdoors and often goes camping and fishing. Being around his family makes Chris happy and he is always looking for a chance to create new memories.