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More than just landscaping, a partnership

More than just Landscaping, a Partnership

At DBL, the goal is growth, both in the landscaping, it carefully nurtures and in the people it employs. The company has built a team of dependable professionals that provides best-in-class commercial landscaping services for professionally-managed offices, industrial, medical, retail and HOA properties. 


Our Four Uniques

What sets us apart from the average landscaping company

Partnership Pathway

Do you ever wonder what the next step is going to be when you are trying to make a decision to buy something or commit to a long term partnership? We aim to solve for this and relieve your anxiety with our Partnership Pathway. What is it? It’s a road map that starts with the first communication you have with DBL, what the process looks like during the estimating and negotiation phase down to the detail around our pre set quarterly check ins and the budgeting process. A 12 month road map so you can focus on property management while we manage your landscaping. By knowing what is coming up next and understanding the process there is no need to wonder or worry, we have got it handled!

Smart Link Water Management

DBL installs SmartLink Water Management systems, which use innovative technology to save customers money on water expenses. SmartLink automatically adjusts for natural factors like extreme heat or rain, and in turn saves customers anywhere from 25 to 50 percent per year. This is at no extra cost to our clients, it’s just another benefit of working with DBL.

Better in 30 Guarantee

If your property doesn’t look significantly better in the first 30 days, then you don’t pay. DBL will immediately dive into any concerns that a partner has and go to work on preventing those issues from ever arising. A comprehensive audit of the current landscaping system is performed and anything that needs repair is noted. Then, DBL works with our clients to come up with a game plan for what work needs to be done and then does it.

Real Time Reporting

With our Real-Time Reporting App, our clients get the most updated tracking of what our team does for their site. Through the app, our clients receive a report showing not only where our crew worked, but what they did. With this knowledge, our clients can rest assured that their property is being taken care of.

Better in 30 Inspections Done
Smartlink Systems Installed
Training and Education Hours
Landscape Acres Under Management