Elizabeth Chavez

Elizabeth Chavez

Onboarding & Payroll Specialist

Elizabeth’s interest in landscaping started with some family members who worked in the industry. In 2008, Elizabeth began her administrative career within the landscape industry to assist in the day-to-day- operations in the Human Resource department and Operations. Eventually, her administration role grew as a receptionist at Integrated Landscape Management and she soon became the Senior Branch Administrator for the company’s biggest branch.

In 2018, Elizabeth joined DBL and has become a trusted, dependable member of the team. She provides a support system for people to lean on in order to provide the help they need. She is people orientated as she is also known to be a great listener and team player. Her goal is for DBL to be known as the No. 1 landscape company to work for. A company that embraces culture and a place where people grow.

Something to know about Elizabeth is that even though she works around many people, she is shy. However, that doesn’t stop her from getting things done, often with the assistance of coffee. Especially throughout fall, her favorite season, coffee is an essential part of her day.

When Elizabeth is not at work, she enjoys going on vacations with her husband and family. To lose track of time, she listens to music or watches crime documentaries.